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My name is Neikori Horne, but I go by Neiko. I have been drawing for a very long time. It has been a dream of mine to become a professional Animator/Illustrator/Character Designer. As years have gone by, I have been improving on body proportions, detailing objects and many more. I was accepted into the Art Institute of Virginia Beach and graduated since 2021. It was the one place that was closest to home and the best place to learn about animation. I’ve been fortunate to have had many opportunities to craft my own personal illustrations and to learn from some of the top artists at this school. Right now, I want to work at an animation company. I know there's so many out there, especially in Florida or California, but I pick my choice. In the meantime, check out some of the projects I’ve been involved with and see how you can benefit from my creative work.

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